Monday, October 15, 2018

Ironwood Research Group is a global research and analysis firm specializing in emerging technologies, such as blockchain, utility tokens, and cryptocurrency. Our experts surface invaluable market analysis, trading signals and fundamental insights.

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Conducting due diligence in the emerging crypto space can be precarious and confusing. Leverage the resources of Ironwood to gain an opportunistic edge and industry-leading clarity, while preserving your most precious asset – time.
Full-length reports and many un-named reports are exclusively for our premium customers.

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Michael Strutton

Co-Founder - CEO

Aleksander Munkviken

Co-Founder - Head of Research

Nathaniel Rowe


Chris Foss

Co-Founder - Head of Design

Nathan Robinette

Lead Analyst

Brandon Ray

Research Associate

Midhav Ravindran

Research Associate

Bradon Walsingham

Research Associate